It really is your choice! Many people believe that the ceremonial aspects to a wedding have to be conducted at the same time as the legal elements. They don’t. The legal part consists of three steps – the Declaratory Words, the Contracting Words and the Signing of the Register. The rest of the service such as exchanging of vows and rings, music, readings, rituals etc are purely ceremonial and, as is normal procedure in Continental countries, you can register the marriage at the local registrar’s office then later the same day or on a subsequent day you can hold the full Wedding Ceremony at a separate venue in front of family and friends.


The content and details of your ceremony are entirely up to you. You are not tied to the ‘same size fits all’ type of ceremony conducted by many faith or civil organisations. As your Celebrant, I can help you achieve the ceremony that best reflects you and your wishes. You can compose your own vows, or I can write them for you. You can choose readings, poems and music, which may be traditional or more alternative. You may or may not choose to include a spiritual or symbolic element  such as Handfasting or the lighting of a Unity candle to your ceremony. It will be your ceremony and unique to you.


The location of your venue will dictate the choreography of the ceremony, particularly if you choose to hold your ceremony outside. It is essential to have a rainy day alternative and extremely important to hold a rehearsal at the venue a day or so before.


In terms of choreography, you may want your guests and wedding party to enter to different pieces of music and from different parts of the venue. You may have your guests seated or standing. You may want the ‘groom’s’ family on the right and the ‘bride’s’ on the left following tradition or you may wish a different arrangement.


As your Celebrant, I will use the information you share with me to create a ceremony with an order of service that reflects your wishes and tells your love story.

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